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In 1937, the British Publisher George Allen & Unwin released The Hobbit for the first time. A mysterious, funny and moving adventure of the Hobbit Bilbo, the wizard Gandalf and their company of thirteen dwarves, in which a magical ring plays a key role…

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The epic tale from author J.R.R. Tolkien has since stood the test of time. Until this day the book remains among the favorites of both young and old. In 2012, The Hobbit has also finally found it way into the theatres, sparking interest in the classic story with yet another new generation.

Although mister Tolkien was no great lover of technology, the introduction of eBooks does allow us all to read his works whenever we want, wherever we want. This site is dedicated to provide you with all you may want to know about The Hobbit eBooks.

What you can find here?

The Hobbit eBook offers extensive information on The Hobbit eBook. The first thing you may want to learn about is The story of The Hobbit. There are a lot of characters in Tolkien’s book. We have constructed a handy overview of everyone in the book here. For detailed information on how to download the Hobbit eBook we refer you to this page.
Moving on, there is the matter of why you would even want to read an eBook in the first place. In this article we give some solid reasons.
As you may know, there are is a total of three Hobbit movies planned. We are excited about these, so we have written an extensive article containing a lot of information about this project. For those interested in J.R.R. Tolkien, the writer of The Hobbit, we also have some nice reading material.

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